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GivingTuesday’s Radical Generosity Sessions

A fresh look at building a radically different future

How can we embrace new ways of thinking about community and change–not to put things back the way they were, but to build the world we wish to see?

Launching in March, this free monthly series of candid conversations will feature grassroots organizers, community leaders, movement builders, data scientists, and social sector innovators, who will share their insights and challenge current thinking on giving during crisis, embracing radical generosity and the future of movements as a force for change. We’ll explore the role of the social sector in recovery and healing, and take a fresh look at how we organize, collaborate, and give to leave old habits behind and build a radically different future.

Panelists and registration information will be announced soon. Follow @GivingTuesday for the latest updates.

This series is made possible thanks to a generous gift from Craig Newmark Philanthropies.

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    Radical Generosity: Reimagining our Shared Recovery

    From tackling the effects of COVID-19 to addressing systemic inequities around the world, we need action centered in radical generosity and shared humanity now more than ever. Radical generosity is the idea that the suffering of another is as intolerable to ourselves as our own suffering. Our panelists will share how they’re challenging the status quo and share the ways we must reimagine our cultures of giving and community healing to drive empathy, equity, and justice and transform how we connect and grow together.


    Giving in Unprecedented Times: Key Lessons and Trends

    As we face this unprecedented moment and look to an even more uncertain future, how can we learn from the data on generosity since the pandemic and the history of giving and crisis? Our panel of analysts, researchers and changemakers will share their top insights on how giving is evolving. Join this session to explore what recent trends tell us about civic engagement and giving in 2021 and beyond, and how to use these learnings to accelerate meaningful change.


    Building Movements: Lessons from GivingTuesday's Global Generosity Network

    This is a time of movements, broad groundswells of collective action that demand change now, and a time for leaders across all sectors to respond in kind, in the language of movements, acknowledging and supporting grassroots power. Join leaders from around the world to learn how to use movement dynamics to drive change and examine how grassroots movements are fostering experimentation, rapid innovation, and scalability.


    Driving Change Together: Collaboration, Networks and Consolidation

    The impact of movements like GivingTuesday has proven that we are stronger together. When organizations and communities come together around a shared goal, they create more creative and inclusive collaborations, pooling resources to unleash greater impact. In this session, leaders who are embracing collaboration and coalition building will share lessons learned on growing networks and joining forces for good.


    Purpose and Power: Why We Must Invest in Grassroots Changemakers

    Many of the most profound and personally affecting stories of meeting this moment are not being led by nonprofits, institutions, or governments, they are being brought forth by families, networks, neighborhoods, communities. Hear stories and experiences from grassroots leaders on the challenges and opportunities that fall outside traditional nonprofit pathways. This session will also explore how existing funding structures must change to welcome truly diverse, representative leaders who are bringing new energy to solving centuries-old problems.

    Additional Sessions Coming Soon
    AUGUST | Radical Generosity at Work: Building Community and Connection
    SEPTEMBER | What’s the Future of the Nonprofit Industrial Complex?
    OCTOBER | Celebrating Young Changemakers: Driving Impact and Mobilizing Communities
    NOVEMBER | Embracing Radical Generosity to Drive Empathy, Equity & Justice
    DECEMBER | Driving Global Generosity: Our Favorite Stories, Lessons & Predictions

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